Frequently asked questions

How private are your landscape hideaways?

We are situated on 60 acres of forest land with a beautiful year-round creek and our own hiking trails on property. The closest landscape hideaway is about 250 feet away however, it is on a different elevation so you are unlikely to see your neighbor. Our decks all face west with little to no visibility to anyone, just an amazing view. Our outdoor showers have levered or frosted walls for maximum privacy.

Do you have on-site bathrooms, air conditioning and heat?

Yes! Think of a beautiful hotel room affixed in nature with all the modern amenities you could want or need. Our aim is a romantic, cozy and comfortable stay with everything at your fingertips so you can focus on each other. We have ensuite bathrooms with flush toilets as well as indoor and outdoor showers with a tankless hot water heater. Both have heat and air-conditioning.

How do your wood burning hot tubs work?

The aluminum and cedar clad wood burning hot tubs are private and filled with clean water at the beginning of each guest’s stay. In the warm months, we fill them with cold water. You can use them to take a cool dip or heat up at your leisure. During the colder months, we fill them with hot water to get a head start on the heating process. Each tub is made to fit two people comfortably and has an internal stove where the wood heats up the water. This approximately 90 minute process is a sensory delight as you smell the fire, hear the wood crackling, stir the water, and feel it heat up. We especially know how much the men out there LOVE to make fire! We provide easy to understand instructions on how to get your wood burning hot tub nice and toasty.

Do you provide firewood for the wood burning hot tubs and smokeless fire pits?

Yes, we provide all the firewood you will need, including kindling, fire-starter and logs. We supply you with enough for a 2-3 days stay however, if you need more, we have a larger rack of firewood between our landscape hideaways to draw from.

What is your property like in the winter and summer?

We personally think that winter is one of the best times to visit. While spring and fall are truly spectacular, winter has more unobstructed views without the leaves on the trees and, of course, has the added promise of snowflakes. And our wood burning hot tubs are amazing to experience when it’s cold outside! Summer also has its own appeal. Walk along (or in) the creek where the temps are at least 10 degrees cooler than the outside air temperature. Take a dip at our “swimming hole” or in our outdoor tubs. There are also options to kayak in the area.

Are there bears and other wildlife on your property?

While we have never seen a bear with our own eyes, we have caught one on a trail camera and have witnessed their paw prints from time to time. Fortunately, the black bears in North Georgia tend to keep to themselves however, it is very important to put trash in the bear-proof containers provided or they will be drawn to the smells. If you happen to see a bear on the property, make a lot of noise and you will likely scare them way. Deer are the most prevalent wildlife on the property, followed by wild turkeys and the occasional beaver.

Can we bring our dog?

While we understand how much our dogs are a part of the family, we are not allowing pups at our landscape hideaways at this time. Our hope is that you can escape together for a romantic and duty-free stay that focuses on one another. We realize this means finding someone to care for your four-legged friend. There is a nearby boarding kennel called Happy Dog Retreat in Dawsonville that we personally recommend. You can even consider picking them up during the day for a hike at nearby Amicalola State Park, and then take them back to board for the night.

Can we bring our kids?

Not this time. Our landscape hideaways only sleep two people and we are an adult (strictly 21 and over), couple-focused stay. We want to encourage you to take a grown-up “time out” and make this stay about just the two of you.

Are you handicap accessible?

Our existing landscape hideaways are not handicap accessible. Unfortunately, our steep terrain does not allow for it. We hope, however, that one of our next builds will have ADA options.

Is there a place to do laundry?

Yes, in our landscape hideaway called “Better Together,” there is a washer and dryer.

Is there Wi-Fi and cell service on property?

Yes, we do. While we would highly encourage you to put your phones and tablets away to fully enjoy nature and each other, there is Wi-Fi and cell service on property. However, it is the country and sometimes cell service can be a little unpredictable. FYI, we do not have televisions on the property (on purpose!).

How far is downtown Dahlonega from your property?

Dahlonega is an easy 15 drive from our property.

Can I have an early check-in or late check-out?

We would be happy to accommodate you if we can. If there is not a close booking before or after your stay, we may be able to offer an early check-in or late check-out upon request for a small fee. Normal check-in starts at 3 pm and check-out is by 11 am.

Is there food available on-site?

While we do not offer on-site dining, we invite you to bring your favorite foods. Remember, making a meal together can be very romantic! There is a Publix grocery store in Dawsonville as well as a Walmart (and Publix coming soon) in Dahlonega. The newest and closest small store (only a few min away) is a DG Market which has food, toiletries and other supplies. We have a under-counter refrigerator (and a cooler for drinks), induction cooktop, toaster oven, microwave, and a propane outdoor grill for all your cooking needs. There are also some great restaurants in the downtown square and local fare at nearby wineries. We also offer concierge services such as grocery pick-up or winery reservations upon request.

What should I bring?

Bring your groceries (we provide salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil and coffee), rain jacket, and hiking boots. We provide all linens, kitchen items and dinnerware, induction cookware, a pour-over coffee-maker, French press, water kettle, countertop ice maker, cooler, wood-splitter, insect repellent, walking poles, binoculars, robes, hairdryer and shower products.

Can we book both properties?

Yes! Even though our landscape hideaways only accommodate 2 people each, we realize there are times when you might want to stay near another couple, such as attending a wedding in North Georgia. Please reach out to us about booking multiples for the same dates.