Our Story

Our Mission

At LoveAdventures, we know that good marriages and relationships are vital AND it can be challenging to stay connected. We believe that creating true intimacy (into YOU I see) requires intentionality. We agree all couples need:

  • A daily delay (15-20 minute check-in)
  • A weekly withdrawal (prioritizing date night)
  • A annual abandon (a retreat out of town to refresh and recalibrate)

Our mission is to create beautiful indoor/outdoor spaces where you can unplug from the daily stresses of life and lose track of time together. Studies show that spending time in nature as a couple is more than just fun, it can be the key to a super-strong bond. While we know a getaway doesn’t fix everything, we believe pausing our busy lives and being present is an excellent place to start.

Our Vision

Our LoveAdventure began in 2020 when we stayed at a “treehouse” rental in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was the first of many locations we visited that were immersed in nature. We were hooked. It was a breath of fresh air (literally) and we vowed to do things differently.

That was the beginning of something truly transformational in our relationship. This passion birthed the idea to build unique, modern stays where couples can experience true connection in a forest setting, with all the modern comforts of a high-end hotel room.

The moment we stepped onto our 60 acres, we knew it was the right location. The raw land, the sounds of the creek and the overall peacefulness drew us in. The rest is history!

Alvin & Julie, co-founders of LoveAdventures
(and our pup, Jovie)